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How to use the library


Divisiones de la Biblioteca en los centros

You can use library services in nine UC schools or buildings: look for the right place in each case, it is indicated, ask if necessary.

The library is on the Internet: you can search for books, access digital contents, get information, request services, ask questions by e-mail, find out phone numbers and so on:



  • Monday to friday, since eight o’clock in the mornings to nine o’clock in the evenings.

  • Interfacultativo: on Saturdays, Sundays & holidays too; in exams periods extended opening hours.

  • Paraninfo: on Saturdays, Sundays & holidays too; and in exams periods extended opening hours.


As a UC student, you may use freely the library, but you might need: TUI

  • UC card for borrowing items, using computers and entering Paraninfo.

  • Your academic PIN; but we can find it out for you if you need so.  

  • Your username and password for UC computer services.


1) Desktop computers:

Computers for academic work: writing assignments, using scientific software, studying at Aula Virtual, Internet, information searches, scanning, etc. You have to input your UC card and academic PIN.

2) Printing, scanning, photocopying through SIUC:

You can print documents from desktop and laptop computers through your SIUC account. Add credit to it with a credit/debit card. You may as well scan and photocopy with our multifunctional self-service machines. Prices per copy (b&w) are € 0,04 one side and € 0,035 double side printing, scanning is free.

3) Laptop computers loans:

You may borrow from library laptops with UC card for three hours, to be used for academic tasks on campus sites. It is possible one renewal if there are no reserves on the device.

4) Group study rooms:Course readings

Rooms to be reserved with UC card for two hours. They may be used for a meeting, doing group work, problem solving, etc.

5) Course readings:

Text-books and relevant readings for your courses, as recommended in the academic guides, are collected by degree and subject through the library catalog (Bibliografías recomendadas).

6) ÚniCo search engine:

Único search engine


Library discovery tool to find books, journals, articles and many other types of materials you can need. It works with an English interface. But if you have any doubt or question, please, ask to the library staff.

Mobile catalog 
 7) Mobile catalog:

You can use in your smartphone our special light version of the catalog, with basic services: search and locate books, reserves and renewals in your personal area (Custom access) and course readings (Recommended bibliographies), in an English interface: http://catalogo.unican.es/mopac

8) Books loan services:

With your UC card: 6 items as a total limit, but classified by localizaciones or types:

Básicos (more fundamental) 4 items  7 days   4 renewals, if not reserved

Monografías (specialized)    6 items   15 days   4 renewals, if not reserved

extraBUC (entertainment)     6 items  15 days  4 renewals, if not reserved

Penalties: 2 days without loans per day/item of delay.

9) Book reserves and renewals:

Access the catalog personal or customers area to reserve books borrowed by other people or to renew your own loans for another period of time if possible, etc. Check your reader number in your UC card, instead of D.N.I. (Spanish people identity card number).

Book reserves and renewals









10) Training, information:

We offer training sessions to use the library and its resources, ask and join. When in doubt, when you need to search for information, find references, do assignments, etc. come to us, we will help you.